GAB Neumann, a respected producer of resin impregnated graphite and silicon carbide process equipment, and Nippon Kornmeyer Carbon Group, an expert in the field of carbon and graphite materials, have decided to combine their respective technologies and competences to jointly develop a complete range of CFC (carbon fiber reinforced composites) column internals for ultra-corrosive applications.

The product range includes support grids for random and structured packing, liquid distributors, liquid collectors, bubble cap trays, and down comers, among others. Every single part is custom-made and therefore perfectly adapted to each customer’s specific conditions and process requirements.

CFC is a light weight, extremely strong material with an outstanding corrosion resistance to even the strongest acids. CFC support grids can be designed with a very high opening rate. It replaces advantageously support grids made of impervious graphite, glass, reactive metals, or glass lined steel.

This partnership opens new opportunities for our customers especially for large diameter columns and for the debottlenecking of existing graphite, PTFE lined steel, PTFE lined FRP, or glass lined steel columns at lower costs.

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